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1964 - The Beginning
Hurricane Faith Rescue
Canaveral Pier
Canaveral Jetties
Naming 2nd Light
WKKO Surf Reporting
Costa 1986
Hawaii Re-Visited
Surfing Canaveral Shoals

Surf Teams Life
Ocean Bottom Contours 2006
CB Pier LifeGuards 2006

My Surfing Scholarship
International Surfing 1967
Los Angeles Times
Japan's NALU Surfing 1967
Waves 1970
TGIF 1974
Florida Today 1975
Florida Today 1995
Honolulu Star 1995
ESA News 1997
Orlando Sentinel 2005
Florida Today 2005
Florida Today 2011 (2nd Light)
RonJon Surf Team - again
Chicago Tribune 2005
Florida Today Weekend Surf Forecast

Coconut Telegraph
Weekly TV show
my weekend forecast and report
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1968 Canaveral Pier 1968 photo by Larry Pope
1994 photo by Roger Scruggs 1991 photo by Rene Webster
2000 ESA photo by Doreen 1999 CocoaBeach Pier photo by Doreen
Bob Freeman 1998 - Sebastian Inlet
      Sebastian Inlet 1998   ... photo by Bruce Helvie

1970 Canaveral Pier 2005 1st Light photo by Gary McGee 2005 CB Pier photo by Dan Mahoney 2001 16 Street photo by Roger Scrugs 2005 CB Pier photo by Doreen 1964 Atlantic Beach, NC

Thanks to mentors and friends... my parents, Ron Dimenna, Dick Catri, Gary Propper
Dedicated with fond memories to... Bernie Moore, Buddy Pelletier, Mike Kelly, Bruce Valuzzi, Tommy McRoberts, Robert Strickland, Rich Salick, Dan Mahoney

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