Bob Freeman's
Surfing Memories

Coconut Telegraph

May 2008
The Coconut Telegraph ... Yep, that's how surf alerts were broadcast back in the 60's when I began surfing ... and for many years thereafter.

I gave my first surf reports back in 1968 when I was asked to give the WKKO radio surf report and weekend forecast live from the Ron Jon shop on Canaveral Pier.

Now, forty years later ... and after the last 10 years of providing my Dawn Patrol Eyeball Visual and Detailed Analysis...
I decided I would rather surf more and leave the reporting and forecasting to others.

Providing the DP report helped to re-connect with lotsa old surf buds and meet lotsa new surf buds. I'm stoked bout that.

I've received thousands of eMails from my surf report readers. I've saved all of them in a file so I can someday share them with you.

Gonna write my memoirs bout my 2 surf trips to outer Canaveral Shoals back in 1967 and 69 (or 70). And finally finish the story bout surfing Patrick Pier.

Even with early morning work, I still catch a DP sesh when it's worthwhile.

      See you in the lineup.


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